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Morning Work - March - Kindergarten (Common Core)

Great Morning Work to help get your students settled into the day!

Morning Work - March - Kindergarten (Common Core)

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This 20 page common core packet contains language arts and math material for the month of March. Most pages have March graphics such as clovers, shamrocks, coins, pots of gold, leprechaun, kites, lions, and lambs. The skills included are skills that students would be learning during the last half of their kindergarten year.

The preview shows each page included. Please take a look.

Skills included are:
Language Arts:
-Ending Sounds
-Tracing word wall words (sight words): eat, all, come, what, good.
-Tracing a sentence with each sight word included above.
-Writing a sentence for each of the sight words above.
-Writing a sentence about a March picture.
-Write the CVC words for each picture (at, et, it, og, and ut word families)
-Circle the correct word for each CVC picture.
-Circle the pictures with the correct short vowel sounds.
-Rewrite the sentences correctly with capital letters and correct ending punctuation.

-Counting double ten frames (11-20) and writing the correct number.
-Count the objects and write the sum.
-Complete the number bonds 1-5.
-Find the missing addend needed to make 10 (ten frames and equations)

This common core packet is great for morning work, but can also be used for homework, literacy centers, writing centers, math centers, or a mini lesson. 

I hope you and your students enjoy using this packet.

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