Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lapbooking 101: For Classroom Teachers

If you are a classroom teacher, reading that post title most likely made you go "huh? What's a lap book." Or perhaps you know what a lap book is and thought, "it's that thing that homeschoolers do." For those of you who have already used a lap book in your classroom, I will have some tips for improving your next classroom lap booking experience in this post.

Lap books are generally made of manilla file folders folded in like a science project board and then filled inside and out with mini books, art projects, and student writing on a predetermined topic.  hey often include some sort of art project to add interest to the activity. Lap books are generally a teaching strategy used by homeschoolers to teach their children how to sort and organize important ideas an facts of interest on a similar topic. When the lap book is finished, children have a ready resource for reviewing previously learned information, and a project they can be proud of.

While this learning activity is most often utilized by homeschoolers, classroom teachers also could get a lot of benefit from this teaching strategy. >> Read More

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