Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to School: All About Me Made Fun!

Today, I'm going to share with you one of my fave 'Back to School' resources. It's a fun and interactive way to find out more about your students.  It's my All About Me Interactive Book.

This is the front cover of the book. It come with 3 different cover options; a blank girl template, a blank boy template and just a blank box where students can draw their own image from scratch.

 And this is what the inside of your book will look like (or similar) once open. Don't worry about the spelling - this resource comes in two different PDF files once you download it with two different spelling options (favorite and favourite).

There are lots of different inserts that you or your students can choose from. This particular student chose the tabs you can see on the right. You can lift or pull out the tabs and it will show you the students information.

This is what the Things I Love tab looks like once pulled open. Note that one side of the hearts it's simply coloured in red and the other side is where the student has drawn and wrote about the things that they love. This resource also comes with a People I Love option.

Students do not have to be able to write and draw to take part in this activity. You can simply print out symbols/photos or even use magazines/catalogues to cut out items that the student likes.

Next up is the families part. Every child in your class will no doubt have a different family set-up to the next. Family plays a huge role in the lives of the children we work with and it's important we find out as much as possible - without being intrusive - so that we can be more respectful through the year, especially on certain occasions. It also means we can be more inclusive - if you send home Christmas Cards and you know who lives at home with the individual child you can make the cards more personal 'mum and jessie' or 'mum, dad and grandma' etc. 

For this part, I love to introduce a mirror. The students are given the chance to really look at themselves and how they look. 

In our class we love to celebrate everyone's birthdays - both students and staff! Many of the children in our class won't really understand their birthday - what it means or never mind when it is! But, we like to include it just in case any of the children do understand - some do and get very excited about their birthday!

And finally, this is what the book looks like once all the pieces are open. As you can see, Sophie is able to draw and write down her answers - but you don't have to be able to do this. As stated before, you can print out symbols/photos, ask families to send in images of the family - that way you can make it really personal to the individual. You can get hold of magazines, catalogues and get your children to cut out from there - or you can help them if they need some assistance!

Plus, it's a great talking point and hopefully will help to calm those first day bak nerves and get your students more open and talking to each other.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, this book doesn't just come with the inserts shown - it comes with even more choices for you/your students to choose from!

They include:
  • My Favorite/Favourite Animal - 1 tab pull up (as shown above)
  • My Favorite/Favourite Sport - 1 tab pull up 
  • My Favorite/Favourite Movie - 1 tab pull up 
  • My Favorite/Favourite Holiday - 1 tab pull up 
  • People I Love - pull out hearts
  • Things I Love - pull out hearts (as shown above)
  • What I Look Like - 2 tab pull out (as shown above)
  • Find a Friend - 2 tab pull out - What is their favorite/favourite color/colour, what is their favorite/favourite animal, what is their favorite/favourite sport, what is their favorite/favourite movie
  • My Birthday - pull up tab (as shown above)
  • My Family - pocket (as shown above)
  • My Self Portrait - one long pull open tab (vertical) girl and boy option for cover as well as girl and boy body templates to decorate if you wish to use.
 Each page in this activity/resource pack comes with instructions on the bottom of each page for you to follow.

Don't forget you can find the resource by clicking any of the images above or clicking here. 


FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Building Compound Words”

by Mr and Mrs
1st - 3rd Grade

Enjoy this compound words freebie! If you like it follow us to see more great products from Mr. & Mrs. 

We appreciate feedback!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “Football Themed Measuring Activity”

by Lindsay Keegan
Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade

This football measuring activity can be used in a math center, as a small group activity or for independent work. It comes in both color and black and white so that you can copy for several students or print, laminate and use over and over. Students can use the football measuring sticks, paperclips, cubes, rulers, etc. to measure the football themed pictures and then record their findings on the recording sheet. Check out the preview for more details. Thank you and enjoy! Please leave a comment if you and your students have fun with this activity. Thanks!

If you are looking for more math resources, check out the math section of my store:
Common Core Galore - Math

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Free Division Worksheets

by Snyder Classroom

As a celebration of my benchmark receiving 1000 ratings on TpT, I have released a new FREE Resource. 

This FREE Resource combines two of my favorite activities in my own math classes, Math Riddles and QR Codes.  

Engage your students while practicing Long Division Computation. This FREE download has 2 math riddle pages and 2 QR code pages. Make long division FUN!! Each is a self-checking activity.

The Pack includes 4 different FREE worksheets

2 Riddles Division Math Riddles
*one is an Extended Division Fact Math Riddle
*one is a Long Division Math Riddle
The students solve long division problems and also have a goal of solving a riddle at the end. It is a great way to combine fun and learning!

2 QR Code Long Division Worksheets.
The students solve long division problems and can self check the problems with the QR code. It is a great way to get the students engaged in math computation.

I hope you get a chance to check out this resource. 

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Our Owl Days of the Week”

by Evelyn Stevenson
Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade

I love owls and have an "owl" classroom! I thought it would be great to make a days of the week set with an owl theme. Each day has a different cute owl from MyCuteGraphics! You can use these for calendar time, as flashcards to learn the days of the week, flashcards to practice yesterday, today and tomorrow and you can use these in learning centers.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “If I Had A Fairy Godmother”

by Teaching For A Cause
2nd - 3rd Grade

This writing prompt goes great with Cinderella and other fairytales.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

CVC: Fishing for CVC Words

Can you believe we're almost at the end of August already? This Summer is flying by! As most of you know, I've been super busy this Summer stocking up my TpT store full of fabulous goodies for you all to use in your classrooms this coming year. new fave resource is definitely this one - Fishing for CVC Words!

This resource is pretty much what you're going to guess - you go fishing for CVC words!

Now, to use this resource you are going to need some sort of fishing rod. I found this great grabber one - it's not magnetic, but you can get some magnetic ones out there - check kids games etc. This set was actually from our local £/$ store.

So, each medial vowel comes with four different fish/cvc words. The fish have the cvc words on their bodies.

Then, there are the flashcards. Now, these come with just the image. 

First of all, you're going to want to cut out and laminate each of the fish and flashcards. Laminating will make them stronger, and longer lasting.

If you have bought a magnetic fishing rod, simply tape something to the back of the fish that is magnetic. If you get a grabber one like I did, I just used bigger paperclips, taped them to the back of each fish, with a little bit of the clip poking past their mouth and then bent it upwards so it was easier for the kids to pick up with the rod.

Now, with the flashcards, you can either hide these in little bags and students have to pull one out randomly without looking or you can pass them out to students for them to find. The idea, is that the student will have the flashcard, then attempt to locate the matching CVC word fish and pick it up with their fishing rod.

I must stress, you know your students the best and you will know what their ability level is. You may be best splitting this game up into smaller groups so that students of a similar ability are together. You can use as many or as few fish/medial vowel groups at a time as you wish.

You can even add some fun sea creatures into the mix just to add a little something and set the scene a bit more. I also used a blue table cloth to make it feel more like a sea. 

If you want any more information or where you can get this resource, simply click here.


FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Word and Number Finders”

by Jessica Hamilton
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

To use these word finders, have students find words that you are learning by placing the word in the “window” of the bus. Great for sight words and word work! You can also find numbers on a number chart to show the answer to an equation, to practice place value, or number recognition.

To make these word/number finders, cut out the center rectangle in the bus window. Laminate the buses and glue to the end of a popsicle stick.

Created by: Jessica Hamilton

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Friday, August 26, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “Number Recognition Game - Say, Find, Color”

by KinderIrick
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Here's a fun FREEBIE for you to use to help your little ones recognize their numbers. Kids race to be the first to identify and color in all their numbers on their game mat. The numbers covered are 0-29.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Sight Word Songs {FREE!!} Sampler”

by The Fun Factory
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

FREE!! Sight Word Songs. Your students will learn to read and write their Sight Words in record time with these songs! This is a super fun way to learn instead of “drill and kill”! 

Research shows that using music to learn can have an impact on cognitive, social-emotional, and physical development. 

All songs are original by Susan Paul. This is a sample using the words: at, ten, girl, which, and purple.

For more (words with 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 letter words, see 
Sight Word Songs

If you would like more of Susan's songs, check out her published book, Tunes for Teachers 
Tunes for Teachers

For questions, clarifications, or if you find any mistakes, please email us at 

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FREE MISC LESSON - Free Names Tags and Editable Labels GIVEAWAY!

With the beginning of the school year at full swing and so much to do having a little bit of help is always awesome.

I have ready to use cute name tags (click to link to find them)


I'm having a GIVEAWAY over at my FB page. You are all welcome to come and enter.
You can win any of the EDITABLE LABELS sets that you can find at this link. 

And here's the link to the GIVEAWAY

Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CVC Words: Fly Swat Game

So, through the Summer I've been hunting around our local bargain shops, trying to find cheap, yet fun items that can be used in a fun way in the classroom. When I seen a bright and fun looking fly swatter, I knew I had to incorporate it somehow into a resource - but how?

I knew it had to involve a fly image, that was just too blatant, but what to put on the fly. The more I played around with the idea, I knew CVC words would be great, mainly because it was something that we would benefit from with the kids in class during our morning speech/literacy sessions and I just knew they would love it!

Once the idea was in my head, it was all systems go. I wanted the game to be fun and engaging yet also giving students the opportunity to learn and practise their CVC words. I also knew that it would be important to differentiate for two different levels of learners, this would be the trickier part.

In the end, I decided upon the two following ways to differentiate:
  • The easier level would consist of the CVC word on the body of the fly, and the matching image on one of the wings of the fly. Then, the flashcards would have the CVC word and the CVC image on it.
  • The harder level would consist of just the CVC word on the body of the fly - no supporting image. The flashcards also come in word only option so students could match the word to word or use the flashcards with the image and word on.

The idea of the game, is that once a student has selected/been given a flashcard, they are to locate the fly with the matching CVC word on it and then swat it! 

With regards to the flashcards, you can do this whichever way you prefer and how you think your students would cope. A great way is to put the flashcards into a bag and have the students individually pick out one card at a time then swat the matching fly.

You can then remove the fly once it has been swatted or leave it there.

Another way is to hand out the flashcards when it is each students turn. This activity is also a great way to promote turn taking and having students waiting for their turn.

It also provides a great opportunity for students to read the word that they can see and self-check if they have swatted the correct fly. 

If you want to find out more information on my fly swat game or where you can get this resource, please click here.


FREE MISC. LESSON - “September Brain Benders”

by Brain Benders
Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Brain Benders are critical thinking activities designed for each month. Use them as enrichment activities, journal prompts, learning center activities, or however you choose! Each monthly Brain Bender comes with 20 activities organized in a 5x4 grid to resemble a calendar. You can choose to print the calendar with its corresponding multiple intelligence label for each activity or print it without. This is a great way to challenge your students!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Question and Comment Stems for Discussion and Group Work”

by It's a Teacher Thing
3rd - 9th Grade

Question and Comment Stems for Discussion and Group Work is a freebie from It’s a Teacher Thing and addresses the Common Core State Standards. Help your students build confidence and feel more comfortable during group work, partner work, and literature circles with this simple poster filled with seven categories of question and comment stems. Your students might want to keep a copy in their binder to review and set out during discussion sessions. 

You might also like these other products in my store
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Character Trait Task Cards and Mini-Unit

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Monday, August 22, 2016