Saturday, August 27, 2016

CVC: Fishing for CVC Words

Can you believe we're almost at the end of August already? This Summer is flying by! As most of you know, I've been super busy this Summer stocking up my TpT store full of fabulous goodies for you all to use in your classrooms this coming year. new fave resource is definitely this one - Fishing for CVC Words!

This resource is pretty much what you're going to guess - you go fishing for CVC words!

Now, to use this resource you are going to need some sort of fishing rod. I found this great grabber one - it's not magnetic, but you can get some magnetic ones out there - check kids games etc. This set was actually from our local £/$ store.

So, each medial vowel comes with four different fish/cvc words. The fish have the cvc words on their bodies.

Then, there are the flashcards. Now, these come with just the image. 

First of all, you're going to want to cut out and laminate each of the fish and flashcards. Laminating will make them stronger, and longer lasting.

If you have bought a magnetic fishing rod, simply tape something to the back of the fish that is magnetic. If you get a grabber one like I did, I just used bigger paperclips, taped them to the back of each fish, with a little bit of the clip poking past their mouth and then bent it upwards so it was easier for the kids to pick up with the rod.

Now, with the flashcards, you can either hide these in little bags and students have to pull one out randomly without looking or you can pass them out to students for them to find. The idea, is that the student will have the flashcard, then attempt to locate the matching CVC word fish and pick it up with their fishing rod.

I must stress, you know your students the best and you will know what their ability level is. You may be best splitting this game up into smaller groups so that students of a similar ability are together. You can use as many or as few fish/medial vowel groups at a time as you wish.

You can even add some fun sea creatures into the mix just to add a little something and set the scene a bit more. I also used a blue table cloth to make it feel more like a sea. 

If you want any more information or where you can get this resource, simply click here.


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