Thursday, August 31, 2017

Editable City, State, Country, & Continent Travel Brochures-Checklists/Rubrics

Editable City, State, Country, & Continent Travel Brochures-Checklists/Rubrics

This is a NO PREP activity! Students gain and apply skills by working to create a travel brochure. There are EditableTrifold Brochures, Rubrics, & Checklists available to customize. There is a checklist (self eval & peer edit), template, and rubric for the city (capitals), state, country, continent, and template brochures. The graphic organizers, postcards, speech outline, or website homepage drawing can be added to enhance or for differentiated instruction.

Included in this resource: 
✓How I Use This Resource
Editable City Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
Editable State Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
Editable Country Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric 
Editable Continent Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
Editable Template Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
✓Postcards (12 choices) 
✓Internet Homepage 
✓Speech Outline
✓Peer Evaluations 
✓Alternate Rubric 
✓Key Words 
✓Graphic Organizers 
✓Terms of Use 
✓Graphics and Fonts Credit 

Clip art and backgrounds cannot be edited.  

*Great for mixed or leveled classes to give students differentiated instruction.  
*Requirements and guidelines are detailed and organized. 
*Students know exactly what to research with the outline.
*Practical and easy to understand rubrics for teachers, parents, and students.
*Zip folder contains 2 PDFs, 2 PPT, & 2 PPTX.

The way I use it...  
Students enjoy this project! This is a 1-2 week project. As I scaffold and model the information to my students, I have students write in the due dates on the checklist. I make this an at-school project and have students keep their brochure in a designated location.

Lastly, there are additional resources such as the checklist, postcards, key word list, or graphic organizers that are available to meet student needs. The homepage and speech are optional activities that you can use with your students.

Happy Teaching! 

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “The Dr. With an Eye For Eyes ~ Freebie”

by The Fun Factory
1st - 3rd Grade

Julia Finley Mosca has written this inspiring story about the life of Dr. Patricia Bath. It is written in a rhyming format that is very entertaining, as well as, informative. 
Patricia Bath fought and succeeded against all odds – making it her life’s mission to work for the treatment and prevention of blindness. 
This 6 page freebie gives you a summary of Dr. Bath’s life and 2 pages to record some details. 

Images created by Daniel Rieley are used with permission from The Innovation Press.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Weekly 5 Under $5 - 8/30/17

Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

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By Sally Hansen - Purposeful Plans 
Back to School; Grades PreK-6

This set contains EDITABLE calendars for the 2017-2018 school year (August 2017-July 2018) AND templates for future years! Each calendar has editable behavior codes, a place to enter your e-mail address, and label the day if needed. The calendars are in color, black and white, and with regular font. The calendars show Monday-Friday only so it does not confuse the students with weekends.  The product includes the following: Monthly PDF Calendar (3 Choices), Monthly Editable PPT Calendar (4 Choices), Editable PPT Calendar Templates for Future Years, Parent Communication Sheet, and a Behavior Class Tracker.  Be aware that you must have Microsoft Powerpoint to edit.

By A Teacher's Teacher
ELA; Grades 7-11

Are your students going to read (or maybe even finishing up reading) Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Would you like a straight-forward prompt to assess students' ability to think critically while also citing text evidence? If so, this is the item for you!  It comes complete and ready to hand out to your students. Just print off the PDF, add in the due date by hand, and you're ready to go to the copier! If you'd rather edit the document in any way, you also will receive the Microsoft Word (.docx) version to make any changes you'd like.

By Susan Berkowitz
Speech Therapy; Grades K-4

Using storybooks in speech and language therapy allows us to target meaningful vocabulary and language objectives within the context of literature and well-constructed narratives. This book, "They All Saw A CAT" is great for building descriptive language skills and talking about point of view. It is a lot of fun to help kids see how the cat is viewed by each of the other animals - bigger, smaller, mean, furry.  Included in the project is a lesson plan for multiple days’ worth of activities. Use the book for up to 4 sessions; Matching cards for playing a Memory-type game; match the animal with how it saw the cat; 3 matching worksheets for matching the animal with how it saw the cat; Mix & match puzzles; and much more.  See the full details on the product page!

All Subject Areas; Grades PreK-6

Integrate geography, math, and writing activities using Edith Baer's book, This Is the Way We Go to SchoolStudents learn about the different ways kids around the world go to school, and use a world map to locate each place. The class creates a tally chart and a bar graph to show how they all get to school. Questions for analyzing the data are included. Students complete a descriptive writing prompt sharing a new way to get to school - fun for sharing and/or making a class book.

By Kamp Kindergarten
ELA/Reading; Grades K-1

Get inviting literacy centers for your learners to practice reading color words. There are 80 clothespin clip cards with a color word and a choice of three pictures printed on each card. Learners read the word and clip a clothespin to the picture of that color object. You may use all the cards, select the cards that address specific color words for your lesson, or select the cards that best meet your learners’ needs. These cards are great for morning tubs, early finishers, literacy centers, and take home practice. The following color words are addressed in this packet: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, black, pink, and white. Please Note: How colors print often varies on individual printers. The free preview has a printer test page included that has a sample of each color from the graphics used in the packet. You may download the preview and print that page to determine how the colors will print on your printer before purchasing the resource. 

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A Teacher's Teacher

FREE MATH LESSON - “My Number Book Freebie”

by I Love 1st Grade by Cecelia Magro
1st Grade

Here is a freebie for the beginning of the year that meets Common Core Standards. Enjoy.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Whole Brain Teaching Rules Student Book {Freebie}”

by Primary Paradise
Kindergarten - 4th Grade

Use this fun student book to help your students internalize the Whole Brain teaching rules! 

Just copy it back-to-back in the order it is in, fold it in half, and staple it like a book. Have your students illustrate themselves following each rule. I like to have my students keep it in their desks all year so they can refer to it as needed. :)

Visit the Whole Brain Teaching website for more information and resources! It is an amazing management system that will change your classroom environment! :) Whole Brain Teaching was created by Chris Biffle. All WBT material created by teachers should be posted for FREE, as requested by WBT.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Handwriting Freebie for Smartboard - Letter Formation Practice”

by Smart Kinder Kids
Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

This is a great smartboard to have on hand for introducing new letters to little learners. Each slide shows the correct formation of the letter and allows for the student to practice forming it themselves. You can separate each letter out into its own file or keep them stored together.

In my class, we use them whole group to introduce new letters but students also use them during small group and individual practice time (Daily 5 etc.) to give them further opportunities to work on handwriting.

In addition to the 4 colored markers that come with your smartboard, consider teaching your students how to select the marker button in the toolbox at the top of your screen (it is the one directly below the black arrow) to select additional marker/crayon/pen options and colors. My students loves the "creative pens" the most. 

This freebie is also great because it gives your little ones a chance to practice writing on the smartboard. Kids usually find it difficult at first because if their hand is on the board at all the marker will not write correctly, so having a large letter to trace helps them learn the skill of writing properly on the board.

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Rockstar Theme Welcome Bag Poem FREEBIE”

by Rockin' in Second
Pre-Kindergarten - 6th Grade

This is the "Welcome" to class goodie bag poem that many teachers use for Meet & Greet or Open House/Meet the Teacher Night. I just "Rocked" it up with Rockstar graphics and colors to fit with Rockstar themed classrooms or just for those who like think their kiddos are Rockstars.

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Letter C Unit, Differentiated Letter Writing Pages & Activities”

by Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten

This differentiated Letter C Unit contains a wide variety of alphabet activities that address various learning styles. Songs, games, puppets, visuals, activities, art projects, etc. are all used to teach the letter allowing you to reach the learning needs and interests of every student. These letter activities were created with young children in mind and have plenty of hands-on experiences that get the children involved in the learning process.


•Hands-on alphabet activities for teaching letter recognition and pre-reading skills that utilize a variety of teaching styles (cookie for Carrie Cat, clam digging, car parking, colors, c crawl, caterpillars, cakes, and more)

•Patterns (caterpillar, cake, clams, candy cane, cookie jars) and picture cards in color and b/w (candle, carrot, cat, caterpillar, corn, cow)

•A puppet mascot in color and b/w (Carrie Cat) and student reward/badge in color and b/w

•Differentiated letter pages (6) to practice writing skills, letter formation, letter recognition, and sounds PLUS The Life Cycle of a Butterfly book and C is for Counting, Cake, & Candles skill page

•A Suggested Book List (age appropriate literature to supplement the unit)

•Suggestions for incorporating the following apps - Pic Collage for Kids, Hello Crayons, ChatterPix Kids

The letter C writing pages are designed for various motor skill development levels. They range from large "bubble" alphabet letters to writing the letters within 3 lines. There are also worksheets to practice letter recognition and letter sounds. Each practice page is designed to give children practice with writing skills and beginning reading while simultaneously enhancing their fine motor skill development through coloring, tracing, cutting, and pasting.Teachers can use them in all of their classes and parents can use them year to year as their children grow and mature.

A puppet mascot is suggested to introduce and teach the letter. The puppet's name begins with the unit's letter helping children remember and learn the letter and its sound. In addition, interactive activities with the puppet, songs, games, and hands-on activities keep the children's interest and make learning fun! Instructions for using the puppet with the app ChatterPIx Kids are also provided.

This letter C unit also includes an individual reward/braggin' badge to recognize achievement and mastery of the letter. My students really looked forward to receiving their badges for each letter!

Patterns/reproducibles needed for the letter C activities, the puppet, picture cards, student rewards/badges, and instructions for incorporating apps are included making preparing for class convenient and easy!

♦ ♦ Purchase all 26 letter units plus 6 review units together in a money-saving bundle - Alphabet Unit Bundle ♦ ♦

→ → View all individual letter units here← ←

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Superhero Classroom Job Chart with Headers and Descriptions (Editable Template)

Superhero Classroom Job Chart with Headers and Descriptions (Editable Template)

Students will take ownership in the classroom with jobs. It’s a great way for you to manage your students’ responsibilities.  There are 96 choices of student job titles. You can use the job cards as a clip chart, on library pockets, or add magnetic tape.  

There are black and white versions to save on ink. There are editable templates to create your own job and change the wording on a current job. See the editable version.

Included in this Superhero resource:
✓ Examples
✓ Class Jobs Title (16 Options) 
✓ Superhero Themed Job Description Cards 
✓ Colored Comic Burst Job Cards
✓ Black and White Comic Burst Job Cards
✓ Colored Super Seal Job Cards
✓ Black and White Super Seal Job Cards
✓ Colored Job Headers Comic Burst Job Cards
✓ Black and White Job Headers Comic Burst Job Cards
✓ Colored Job Headers Super Seal Job Cards
✓ Black and White Job Headers Super Seal Job Cards
✓ Color Job Headers with Descritptions Comic Burst Job Cards
✓ Black & White Job Headers with Descriptions Comic Burst Job Cards 
✓ Color Job Headers with Descritptions Super Seal Job Cards
✓ Black and White Job Headers with Descriptions Super Seal Job Cards 
✓ Blank Templates 
✓ Job Application (2 Choices) 
✓ Job Tracker (2 Choices) 
✓ Editable Job Header and with Description Card Templates 
✓ Fillable Job Application (2 Options) 
✓ Editable Job Tracker (2 Options) 

Clip art and background cannot be edited.  

Happy Teaching!