Thursday, August 31, 2017

Editable City, State, Country, & Continent Travel Brochures-Checklists/Rubrics

Editable City, State, Country, & Continent Travel Brochures-Checklists/Rubrics

This is a NO PREP activity! Students gain and apply skills by working to create a travel brochure. There are EditableTrifold Brochures, Rubrics, & Checklists available to customize. There is a checklist (self eval & peer edit), template, and rubric for the city (capitals), state, country, continent, and template brochures. The graphic organizers, postcards, speech outline, or website homepage drawing can be added to enhance or for differentiated instruction.

Included in this resource: 
✓How I Use This Resource
Editable City Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
Editable State Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
Editable Country Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric 
Editable Continent Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
Editable Template Checklist, Brochure, & Rubric
✓Postcards (12 choices) 
✓Internet Homepage 
✓Speech Outline
✓Peer Evaluations 
✓Alternate Rubric 
✓Key Words 
✓Graphic Organizers 
✓Terms of Use 
✓Graphics and Fonts Credit 

Clip art and backgrounds cannot be edited.  

*Great for mixed or leveled classes to give students differentiated instruction.  
*Requirements and guidelines are detailed and organized. 
*Students know exactly what to research with the outline.
*Practical and easy to understand rubrics for teachers, parents, and students.
*Zip folder contains 2 PDFs, 2 PPT, & 2 PPTX.

The way I use it...  
Students enjoy this project! This is a 1-2 week project. As I scaffold and model the information to my students, I have students write in the due dates on the checklist. I make this an at-school project and have students keep their brochure in a designated location.

Lastly, there are additional resources such as the checklist, postcards, key word list, or graphic organizers that are available to meet student needs. The homepage and speech are optional activities that you can use with your students.

Happy Teaching! 

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