Friday, August 18, 2017

Birthday Certificates and Brag Bracelets for Students

Give your students birthday, moving away, or you are special cards from the class. The birthday cards are a way to make a child feel special. For students moving away, this will give your remaining students closure with the student leaving. It will help the student that is leaving feel special. Use the you are special cards for Kindness Week. There are colored and black & white copies. I give this out usually for the morning bellwork or during a transition.

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Included In This Resource:
✓ Examples 
✓ Moving Away Cover Blackline 
✓ Moving Away Student Card Blackline 
✓ Moving Away Cover 
✓ (7 Choices) Moving Away Student Card 
✓ Happy Birthday Cover Blackline 
✓ You Are Special Cover Blackline 
✓ Happy Birthday/Special Student Card Blackline 
✓ (7 Choices) Happy Birthday Cover 
✓ You Are Special Cover 
✓ (7 Choices) Happy Birthday/You Are Special Student Card
✓ Blank Templates 
✓ (2 Choices) Smaller Black and White Version 
✓ (7 Choices) Birthday Certificates in Color 
✓ (3 Choices) Birthday Certificates in Black and White 
✓ (7 Choices) Birthday Certificates in Color Age 5-11 
✓ (7 Choices) Birthday Certificates in B&W Age 5-11 
✓ (4 Choices) Birthday Bracelets in Color 
✓ (7 Choices) Birthday Bracelets age 5-11 

Happy Teaching! 

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