Monday, August 14, 2017

FREE MATH LESSON Sorting Shapes with Movable Pieces for use with Google Classroom™

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by Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers
k - 2nd Grade

Are you looking for a way to effectively use computer technology with Pre-K and Kindergarten students? Would you like students to develop computer or device skills while simultaneously developing math skills? Here is a free lesson to help you do just that! Let's start with sorting basic shapes. Of course you would introduce basic shapes with attribute blocks and perhaps cutouts of  2 D shapes. After the students have hands on practice with these, you could move on to a Google Classroom™ activity.

There are four slides in this activity. Each slide asks the students to drag and drop all of one particular shape into a marked space on the slide. There is a slide for each of the following shapes: circle, square, rectangle and square. There are nine moveable pieces of the requested shape and a few of the other shapes on each slide. Students sort the shapes in the paperless activity.  The computer activity can also be used as Response to Intervention or as an authentic assessment.

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