Monday, December 31, 2018

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Refugee by Alan Gratz: Critical Thinking and Response Activities”

by Making ELA Matter
5th - 8th Grade

Refugee by Alan Gratz is an award-winning novel that was selected as one of the books for this year's Global Read Aloud. This is a unit in progress that is intended to accompany the read-aloud. As such, all materials will be offered FREE until the end of the read-aloud. If you are participating in the read-aloud, I hope these materials will be helpful. Activities and materials will be uploaded to this unit for the next 6 weeks. Be sure to follow my store for updates.

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Sunday, December 30, 2018


by KB3Teach
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Here's a quick, no prep resource to review and assess spelling, vocabulary, and phonics word groups using dictation (great practice) and BINGO (great fun).
It's free! Download it and take a look.
(Includes 9 and 16-box BINGO templates.)

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “{Read, Write and Respond} Fluency, Comprehension & Questioning - PREVIEW!”

by Ainsley Karl
1st - 4th Grade

Enhance reading comprehension skills through generating questions based on fiction and non-fiction text. 

A freebie of my newest reading comprehension set⤵
Read, Write and Respond

These stories are designed to be used with a group of at least 2 students. Students will show their understanding of the text by writing their own comprehension questions based directly on the text they read.

Students will:
‣ read the story
‣ write a comprehension question
‣ trade with a partner and answer the question they wrote.

See INDEX in the pictures above or download the FREEBIE to see the current stories!

Buy now! The price will increase as additional stories are added! You will be notified and able to re-download each update as they are posted.

Looking for more reading practice?
Check out my other passages at various reading levels 

LONG VOWEL passages
DIGRAPH passages
BLENDS Passages
WORD FAMILY passages Pt. 1
WORD FAMILY passages Pt. 2

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Friday, December 28, 2018

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Polygons: Math and Literacy Activity”

by Tied 2 Teaching
3rd - 6th Grade

Tie together your math and narrative writing standards with this fun activity that will have kids never forgetting their polygons again! 
I am excited to offer this free product that gives you 10 creative writing prompts for writing about "The Legend of the Decacorn, Nonacorn, Octacorn" and so on. Your students will love this activity and never forget their polygons again. 

My 5th grade students asked me one day what a unicorn with 10 horns was called. Without hesitation I said, “a decacorn of course!” The kids all started laughing and we immediately launched into a review of polygons. The kids were excited to name a 9 horned “unicorn,” a nonacorn, 10 horns, a decacorn and so on. We had been working on our narrative writing so I quickly put together these pages and the kids all chose one they would like to write a story about. All the kids read each other's stories. They were quite creative and none of them will ever forget that a polygon with ten sides is called a decacorn . . . . I mean decagon! I hope you are able to use this simple tool to bring a smile to the face of the kids in your class. It provides a great way to tie together your math and literacy instruction. With so many standards, looking for ways to tie together the curriculum is so important. 



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Thursday, December 27, 2018

FREE MATH LESSON - “5th Grade Decimal Place Value - FREE Google Classroom Sample Resource”

by Games 4 Gains
5th Grade

FREE! Google Paperless Practice - 5th Grade Decimals to Thousandths
Engage your students with this interactive DIGITAL resource that works with Google Slides™. No more copies to be made, no more printer ink, and no more lost papers!
With this 6-slide digital resource, your students can test out a sample of our digital resources while practicing their decimal place value skills. Students will love interacting with the movable pieces and typing their responses on these slides!
This digital resource was designed to support these 5th grade Common Core standardsCCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.NBT.A.3, CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.NBT.A.3.A
When you purchase this DIGITAL resource, you'll receive:
• Instructions for opening, sharing, and using this Google Slides™ file
• 6 interactive slides for your students to complete
• Teacher answer key
If you have a Google classroom, this activity is sure to make practicing these key skills way more fun than if they were done with paper and pencil.
Want to learn more? Click on the green "Preview" button above!
IMPORTANT: This is a digital resource, so please only purchase this resource if you have the capabilities in your classroom to use it (computers, laptops, or tablets, Internet access, and a Google account).
If you have any issues with this resource, please feel free to email me directly at I'll be happy to try to help you!
Looking for more digital resources that cover 5th grade place value skills?

Looking for more digital practice activities?
Your students may also enjoy these 5th grade place value activities from Games 4 Gains:
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Created by Brittney Field, © Games 4 Gains, LLC.
This purchase is for single classroom use only. Sharing this resource with multiple teachers, an entire school, or an entire school system is strictly forbidden. Multiple licenses are available at a discount.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Classroom Economy

Setting up your classroom economy strategically will pay you dividends down the road. #ClassroomEconomy #PurposefulPlans #TeachersPayTeachers #TpT

Happy Teaching! 

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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “AAC from A to Z E is for Eye Gaze”

by Susan Berkowitz
Kindergarten - 12th Grade

For students who have no other way to access AAC, eye gaze is often the answer. Eye gaze can be high or low tech. E-tran boards and paper-based systems use clear acrylic or plain paper and use the borders and corners of the page, with the central space cut out or clear, so that the partner can see where the individual’s eyes are looking.
Eye gaze can be difficult for students to learn, as the learning curve can initially be steep and the process can be fatiguing.
We often make the mistake of giving students an AAC system with eye gaze technology and going straight to using communication pages - or trying to!
But there is a steep learning curve; and students often need to move through exploring eye gaze with limited purpose, through learning cause and effect, through targeting a specific item in a field, and into turn taking, choosing, and learning to use symbol grids and/or keyboards.
Did you know that almost 90% of learning is through vision? That almost 70% of student with cerebral palsy have either refraction errors or other vision impairments - particularly cortical vision impairment? That most vision impairments go undetected?
For students for whom the physical effort of using a high tech eye gaze system is too overwhelming, simple eye gaze activities can be a strategy for gaining communication without the effort of using more complex eye gaze or hitting a switch.

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