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Teacher Toolbox Labels | Classroom Environment | Holiday Special

Teacher Toolbox Labels for 50% OFF
Teacher Toolbox Labels 
Keeping order and being organized can help with daily routines and tasks at school and home. Make your classroom beautiful, inviting and thoughtfully arranged.  Natural lighting and uncluttered spaces set the stage for activity that is focused and calm.  Learning supplies and materials are respected and cared for - this is a key element to creating an optimum learning environment. Learning materials are placed in containers, carts and shelves and fosters independence in students.  Everything is where it is supposed to be; everyone knows it's place and everyone shares the classroom materials and supplies.  When the work space is designed in this manner, it conveys a sense of harmony and order. It comforts and inspires.  And these labels, can help do just that!  Through your organization and labeling, you will model high standards, good work ethic and responsibility for school materials. 
Happy Holidays! Teacher Resource Special
50% off this new teaching resource for the entire month 
of December. 180 + different labels for your teacher toolbox and classroom.   Labels come in 5 different sizes for different drawers, bins, carts and containers. Also included is a file with links to the teacher toolbox, carts and drawers I have used with these labels.
Labels included are:
You want these!
Happy Holidays! from MrsQuimbyReads
  • art markers . art paper . art pens
  • band aids . binder clips . binder rings . buttons
  • calendars . card stock . catalogs/order forms . clip boards . command strips . copic markers
  • digital . digital connections . dry erase markers
  • erasers . eraser tops
  • field trip permission . flair pens . file folders . Friday . Friday Folders

  • gel pens . gesso . glue dots . glue gun . glue sticks
  • headphones . highlighters . hole puncher
  • ideas & inspiration . index pads . ink pads
  • laminating pockets
  • magnets . mailing envelopes . markers . math . math paper . matte medium . miscellaneous . mod podge . Monday
  • notebooks
  • other stuff/miscellaneous
  • paints . paper clips . pencils . photo inspiration . place value . post its . push pins
  • reading . rulers . rubber stamps . Saturday . Science . scissors . scrapbook papers . sharpies . Social Studies
  • staples . stapler remover . stencils . sticky notes . Sunday
  • tape . tape refills . Thursday . tiles . to be corrected . to be filed . Tuesday . twist ties
  • washi tape . Wednesday . works in progress . writing paper
  • for the substitute . lunch forms . days of week . months of year

Why Do You Need These Labels ?
  • to give your classroom and work space an organized and professional look
  • because less clutter reduces stress
  • an organized space helps you remember important items
  • increases creativity
  • saves YOU time!
  • and it's a great New Year's resolution!

Over 180 labels total! Editable labels included, too!
Colorful, bright art designs... easy to read, nice to look at! Download, print, cut and laminate. These labels will help children and teacher find supplies and put them back in the right place.

Why do you want to purchase them now?
Because they are 50% off now and the prices will go up to the regular price in January.

Grab Yours HERE right now! 

classroom-organization-toolbox-labels"A place for everything and everything in it's place." 

These labels are colorful, beautiful and practical. 
Art designs by me.  

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50% off for the entire month 
of December! 
and they are only $3.00!!

Happy Holidays! 

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