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Make Your Classroom a HOOT!!

by Julie from The Best Days
Grades Pre-k to 5th

Does your classroom need to grow some new feathers?  Why not add some awesome owls AND books to it!  These lovely pastel colored backgrounds create a spring fresh feeling in your room!  The owls are beautifully colored and make your classroom come alive with fun!  

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Morning Routines

Children need routine. I would like to share with you the best morning work routine I have ever used in my classroom. It's the 5-Minute Daily Language Review. When students enter your room, they know exactly what to do. They work through 5 objectives in just 5 minutes. When you are finished taking attendance, they are ready to go over the work in whole group. They love the discussion, and it gets them focused, energized, and ready to learn more. It's a routine they love because they feel successful.

Equally important, by the end of each quarter, they will have covered every language objective provided by Common Core and the Texas TEKS. The rigor grows each quarter, and your ELA instruction will be so much more effective!

I personally have used the 5-Minute Daily Language Review in my classroom for many years. It's now available for Grades 2 - 5. (Yes, I have officially committed to the 6th grade version. It will be started very soon.)

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Teaching Tolerance During this Election Season

 By Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

I don’t know about you, but this was the first political convention I’ve followed with interest and a great degree of concern.  We need to embrace our diversity, to look for the good in each other, and notice the positive things we see happening every day.  I was appalled by what I saw occur during the Republican convention. It was shocking to witness such divisiveness, hate, pessimism and fear mongering. Everything was dark and ominous.  Our country wasn’t built on that. It was built on faith, optimism, a genuine caring for each other and working together for the greater good. That is the American way!  We teach our children to be compassionate, to respect each other no matter their race, or religion, and to find something positive in everything and everyone. How can we expect them to believe us when they see a bully running for president, an individual who has no respect for women, disabled people, minority groups, immigrants, even experienced judges, let alone heroic veterans and those in the military who have dedicated their lives to serving our country and protecting our freedom.

What if this irresponsible, inexperienced, bigoted person, whose only accomplishment is enriching himself while cheating and taking advantage of others less powerful, were to become leader of the free world? Will he stop and erode all the hard fought progress made by honest, hard working champions for our way of life?

So how do you respond when a young person asks, “Why is this bully running for president, I’m afraid of him,” or “Why doesn’t he like Mexicans, is he going to send us back to Mexico? We have to let our kids know that just because he has succeeded at something, doesn’t mean he’s someone to follow or vote for.  That freedom of speech is part of our constitution and the law of the land allowing anyone to exercise it freely. Sadly, has taken advantage of this.

Let your kids know that anger is a normal emotion, sometimes we all feel this way. The main goal is to allow one  to express his/her feelings and not to keep them bottled up inside.  We need to let them know that sometimes people say hurtful things when they are frightened, unhappy, immature, and jealous of those who have been successful in their lives. Bullies often feel threatened by the accomplishments of others so they lash out.

1. Parents and/or teachers should ask questions and listen to what the kids have to say.
  Here are some tips.
· Ask what they think about the presidential nominees
· Who are the candidates?
· What kind of people are the candidates?
· What are some of the things they’ve been talking about?
· Who would you vote for and why?

2. Express how you feel and give clear reasons why. This will help children learn coping skills when they feel unhappy, angry and fearful. These actions will aid them in understanding that they have choices, are connected and empowered.
· This is an opportunity to hold a discussion about differences of opinion, how to debate respectfully, and how to fight for a cause. Create various scenarios that they can role play.
· Use historical events to help make sense out of what is happening today. Spend classroom time talking about current events on a daily basis. Do not try to sway their opinion with your own.
· Parents should also join in with a statement of how they feel about the election.
· They could do the following with their children, view anti-racial speeches. attend a rally, write a letter to the candidate, take their child to vote with them.
3.  Last, but not least, allow the children to speak freely about anything that is
    on their mind. Be honest and sincere when answering their questions.

The way influential adults act and talk about women, immigrants and each other is important. It is the basis for how our kids view the government, society and relationships.  If this negativity continues, it will change our world for the worse and we don’t want to go to a place that we will never be able to return from. As adults, it is our responsibility to say what is on our mind, to let our voices be heard by voting, and to be role models for our charges.

I have strong feelings this election season, and I hope that I haven't offended anyone with this post.  Thanks for reading....

Back to School Activities

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This is part of our August Teacher Talk, so head on over to the other posts to see the tips/ideas from all of our educators.

FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “10 Misconceptions about Spanish Language and its Speakers”

by SpanishPlans
5th - 12th Grade

This 12 slide powerpoint features 10 statements which ask students to decide if they are true or false. Click ahead, and it will tell you the answer and also give an explanation. 

These are 10 things that a lot of students don't know, but they definitely should. Features common misconceptions about the Spanish language worldwide and in the US as well as about the people who speak Spanish. 

This powerpoint should last a 50 minute class period. Some slides also include additional links in the "notes" section for more information. 

Great lesson to talk about stereotypes and perceptions. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a person is called "Spanish" because they speak Spanish, which is something I hear a lot, not just from children, but from adults as well. The goal of this lesson is to put an end to ignorance and inform people about what reality is.

For more products relating to the Hispanic Culture check out our Culture Category

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My Summer Adventures Poster

 By Sparking Children's Thinkibility

Grades Kindergarten -3rd Grade

An engaging activity to place on students' desks when they arrive back to school after the Summer Break.

Print the poster as it is at its current size, or blow it up to a larger size. Let your students fill in their Summer Adventures. When the posters are complete, let them share their memories with their classmates. Can also be used later in the week for creative writing.

The P.O.W.E.R. of Character Education!

by Julie from The Best Days
Grades K, 1, and 2

All students can be SUPER with this character education product! Students will explore the P.O.W.E.R. within them to succeed in their classroom and the world around them!  There are two different pages in this product to meet the needs of the age group you are working with!  

Fly on over to The Best Days and get your students' P.O.W.E.R. going!  While you are there, check out my other Super Hero products and click the GREEN STAR to follow me for all of my product updates!  Also, zoom on over to my blog to catch all the super news!  Or,  power on over to Facebook and follow me there! 

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FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Chemistry Wall Art”

by Science Etc
6th - 12th Grade

This is a play on the symbols from the Periodic Table of the Elements. Using the symbols for Thorium, Iodine, Nitrogen, and Potassium you can create the word "ThINK." Great for any science or chemistry classroom. Could be used for bulletin boards or anywhere you want people to "ThINK"! Thanks!
Science Etc.
Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Sun bears - Biomimicry for Young Children

By Sparking Children's Thinkibility

Grades Kindergarten - 5th Biology, Visual Arts, Critical Thinking

Bears are extraordinary animals. Some bears climb trees others make a wide range of interesting noises.

Do you find walking around in the city boring? 

Use the noisy sloth bear as your inspiration and invent singing pavements.

Spectacled bears peel back bark on trees and eat the layer under the bark. 

Can you design a log peeling robo?

1. Why Teach Biomimicry
2. Getting Started Guide
3. How to Observe and Collect Information about the rainforest
4. Bears Are Can Have
5. Polar bears are fascinating because. . .
6. What if I was a polar bear? Invent something fluffy and warm inspired by the fur.
7. Feet like a polar bear. Use pictures as inspiration to invent something.
8. Invent a robo using polar bear as our inspiration.
9. What do grizzly bears eat?
10. Make a menu inspired by grizzly bears. Invent a glow that selects food. . .
11. Great at digging - design a gardening/farming tool or machine inspired by grizzly bears.
12. Sleeping grizzly bears. Invent a sleeping bag.
13. Giant Pandas are great because. . .
14. Glove or toy inspired by giant pandas.
15. Long Tongue - Sun Bears
16. Spectacled bear - Log peeling robo, Cool sunglasses
17.Sloth bear - Singing pavement
18. How to use biomimicry in the classroom - inspiration and ideas
19. Links to videos and information
20. Poster

Link to STEM Biomimicry for Young Children - Bears
Link to free poster STEM Fabulous Observations to Inspire New Ideas - Bears

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