Friday, July 15, 2016

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Brain Breaks - Printable games and activities for 5 minute classroom breaks”

by Being Inspired
2nd - 5th Grade

The idea behind these "Brain Breaks" is that you have a stack of ideas for activities and games for when your class need to give their brains a little break. They'll still be using them of course but just in a more fun way! Some of the best ones are very active and give a noisy class a chance to burn off some energy before settling back down to work.

I've divided the activities into categories and colour coded them because I'm like that. :) And it will make life much easier! Sometimes you might want to focus on maths skills so you can purposefully choose a maths activity. There's also a few that involve the kids getting out of their seats and moving around the classroom, something you might not always have time and space for so you might want to avoid those!

Here's a list of the activities I've included:

Blue: Binary Fun (Maths) - Pop, Group Count, Coin Drop

Green: Get Out of Your Seat - Shoulder to Shoulder, Get in Order, Circles, Body Spelling, True or False

Orange: Oratory Activities (Literacy) - Categories, Fictionary, Sky Writing, Frozen Vocabulary

Purple: Pulse Raisers (High Energy) - Air Guitar, Action Dice, Memory Jump

Red: Random - Rainstorm, Open Mic, Yoga

All you have to do is print, cut and stick them on lollipop sticks! If you've any questions about the activities let me know. And please comment and rate if you like them! :)

------ Being Inspired

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