Tuesday, August 9, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free Hope Poster - for Back to School Adventure in Upper Grades”

by Ellen Weber - Brain based tasks that boost talent
6th - 12th Grade

This FREE back to school poster builds on students' hope that bounces into class on that first day, when students come filled with expectation that content will relate to their interests in some way. 


This FREE poster is rooted in research such as Dr. Jerome Groopman's discovery that hope exists within more areas of human brains than once recognized. 

Given what we now know about hope's impact on learning success, this poster will motivate teens to meet their unique expectations. It helps students benefits from the fact that: 

Hope brings reality into sharp focus, according to Jerome Groopman. Like eagles beat the winds of the upper air, hope in your class can elevate young minds over panic, past anxiety, and beyond fears that fuel too many events in their sometimes turbulent lives. 

In spite of dreadful past learning experiences for some youth, hope increases thickness in the cerebral cortex, especially in areas of attention and sensation. Tasks in this kit will reconnect neurons of well-being, and add to the number of support cells in that domain for an entire term.

Using these poster prompts, you might play classical music softly as they enter class. Musical intelligence increases sensitivity of the brain stem to the sounds and directions of wonder that follow. 

Invite students to move, build, and handle objects skillfully. Movement intelligence stokes hope through increasing neurons in their hippocampus – where they call up trusted facts to improve their brain’s executive functions. Movement boosts moods and enables them to plan and organize far better results. 

Teach teens to speak up and feel heard. Linguistic intelligence compels teens to question and to live insights experts write or speak concerning hope.
Guide learners to interview highly respected leaders.Interpersonal intelligence inspires youth to spend time with and learn from those who express hopeful ways to live.

Invite students to demonstrate a symbol from nature that illustrates a strength they hope to use in class. Naturalistic intelligence draws out hope in human brains, through its many rejuvenated colors and textures.

Hopefully this brain based poster is as beneficial to your students as it is to mine at middle school, secondary and university levels. 

If you have any further questions about how to get the most from this product, please do contact me at eweber1@frontiernet.net and I’ll be glad to help further. 

Do visit my site at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Ellen-Weberand follow my latest additions. Get updates of new brain based materials and find FREE student-ready materials to download. 

All the best as you learn and lead with the brain in mind! Ellen

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