Sunday, August 21, 2016

Ice Cream Initial Letter Building

It's nearing the end of August, which means one thing - it's not long until we go back to School! My partner is finally off this week which means that we can go out and spend some time together, here's crossing my fingers for some great weather!

But, while my partner has been in work, I've been busy creating on TpT, and what a great time I've had this Summer! I had a to-do list so long, and requests constantly coming through to my inbox and it was great to be able to fulfil a lot of them.

One of the main things I wanted to accomplish this Summer was to be able to get some more images of my resources in action. I managed to get some of my Ice Cream Building:Initial Letters activity and I know you and your kiddos are just going to love this resource!

This resource is a great way for students to practice their initial letter sounds and working out which of the images go where.

The idea is for students to match the scoops of ice cream (with images on them) to the correct cone (initial letter of the image on the scoop).

I really do recommend laminating each of the parts included in this resource, just so they will be stronger and longer lasting for you, meaning you can pull them out year after year for your kiddos to enjoy.

It's also a great way to encourage students to work more independently, allowing you the chance to stand back and watch your student work. The resource is bright, fun and engaging, so your students are sure to love it!

This is also a great way for students to see different images that they may not recognise or become more accustomed to less regular images. It will give them the chance to practise their letter sounds and working out what each of the images start with. Plus, who doesn't love working with the alphabet and ice creams combined during the Summer!?

It's also a great resource to include in small speech/literacy groups, you can have it as a warm up game or even a cool down game. 

Don't forget, if you would like any more information on this resource or where you can get it, simply click here.


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