Saturday, August 13, 2016

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Back to School Crowns FREEBIE!”

by The Primary Techie
Pre-Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Send 'em home lookin' cute! Just color, cut, and glue these fun crowns. This set includes preschool to third grade in both boy and girl versions. 

So, what is so great about these crowns?

1. Only 1 sheet of paper per child! 
2. SIMPLE instructions with picture cues for them to follow!
3. You can send them home lookin' cute with ZERO prep work!

Each page includes pieces for the front and back of a printable crown. Kids color and cut out the pieces. So simple to glue together! 

These crowns are included in my Celebration Crowns Bundle. Click here to check out the Celebration Crown Bundle! 

Crowns in the Celebration Bundle include:

Cookie - "My teacher thinks I'm a smart cookie!"
Bookworm - "My teacher thinks I am a bookworm! Listen to me read!"
Light bulb - "My teacher thinks I have bright ideas!"
Thumbs Up - "My teacher gives me two thumbs up!"
Smarty Pants - "My teacher thinks I am a smarty pants!"
Halloween - "My teacher says I'm so smart, it's SPOOKY!"
Heart - "I make my teacher's heart happy!"
Money - "I know my coins! Just ask me!"
100 Club - "I am official member!"
Popcorn words - "I can read my popcorn words!"
Ice cream words - "I can read my ice cream words!"
Smiley Face - "I had a great day!"
Backpack - "Please check my backpack. I have important papers."
Book Orders - "Book orders are due tomorrow!"
Tooth Fairy - "Guess who lost a tooth today?"
Crayons - "I know my colors. Just ask me!"
Desk Fairy - "The desk fairy loves me!"
Shapes - "I know my shapes! Just ask me!"
Shoe - "I can tie my shoes!"
House - "I know my address! Just ask me!"
Robot - "I followed all the right commands!"
Girl Author - "I am an author!"
Boy Author - "I am an author!"
Mouse - "I was as quiet as a mouse today!"
High Five - "Give me a high five! I had a great day!"
Phone - "I know my phone number! Just ask me!"
Birthday - "I know my birthday! Just ask me!"
Super hero - "I am a Homework Hero!"
Bee - "I am a SUPER speller!"
Beaker - "I am a scientist. Ask me about my day!"
Question Marks - "Ask me about my day!"
Star - "I am a Star Student!"
Crown - "Queen/King of Handwriting"
Ears - "I was a good listener today!"
Birthday - "Happy Birthday to me!" (with numbers 3-10)
Back to School - "I'm an official ___ grader!" (with pre-k to 3rd)
Blank Crown - you decide!

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