Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CVC Words: Fly Swat Game

So, through the Summer I've been hunting around our local bargain shops, trying to find cheap, yet fun items that can be used in a fun way in the classroom. When I seen a bright and fun looking fly swatter, I knew I had to incorporate it somehow into a resource - but how?

I knew it had to involve a fly image, that was just too blatant, but what to put on the fly. The more I played around with the idea, I knew CVC words would be great, mainly because it was something that we would benefit from with the kids in class during our morning speech/literacy sessions and I just knew they would love it!

Once the idea was in my head, it was all systems go. I wanted the game to be fun and engaging yet also giving students the opportunity to learn and practise their CVC words. I also knew that it would be important to differentiate for two different levels of learners, this would be the trickier part.

In the end, I decided upon the two following ways to differentiate:
  • The easier level would consist of the CVC word on the body of the fly, and the matching image on one of the wings of the fly. Then, the flashcards would have the CVC word and the CVC image on it.
  • The harder level would consist of just the CVC word on the body of the fly - no supporting image. The flashcards also come in word only option so students could match the word to word or use the flashcards with the image and word on.

The idea of the game, is that once a student has selected/been given a flashcard, they are to locate the fly with the matching CVC word on it and then swat it! 

With regards to the flashcards, you can do this whichever way you prefer and how you think your students would cope. A great way is to put the flashcards into a bag and have the students individually pick out one card at a time then swat the matching fly.

You can then remove the fly once it has been swatted or leave it there.

Another way is to hand out the flashcards when it is each students turn. This activity is also a great way to promote turn taking and having students waiting for their turn.

It also provides a great opportunity for students to read the word that they can see and self-check if they have swatted the correct fly. 

If you want to find out more information on my fly swat game or where you can get this resource, please click here.


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