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Hello Everybody,
Every once in a while I get to feeling a little crafty and then I have make something for the classroom. I always think that my classroom is my home away from my own house.  I want it to be comfy and attractive.

One of the things I struggle with is trying to remember when the students are supposed to be at specials.  It tends to change frequently and then I just get confused.  

There are so many cute little chalkboard products out there right now. They seem to fit every style. 
  • If you are into the retro look chalk boards fit.  
  • If you like traditional classroom chalkboards fit!  
  • If you like contemporary trends, just add some chevron stripes and chalk boards fit! 

Me?? I like bright colors so I added som bright ric-rack and buttons with a hot glue gun. 
 The whole project took me 15 minutes to complete

I've seen mason jars, clothespins and just plain old slates.  How perfect for things that change often.  I can use them over and over.  Just erase, write and go!

Here is my latest artsy-crafty endeavor.  I hope they inspire you to craft away an afternoon or to put the idea away for summer vacay!

Of course, having my teacher supply e-stores has led me to be an avid digital scrapper.  Last year I teamed up with Libby Pritchett and created schedule cards that have digital scrapping elements rather that clip art.  Here are examples of the final project.  I laminated my cards so I could program the times ( If I remember them !)  Here's what the final product looks like:

If you want to see Libby's designs then hop over to her blog....

You can purchase completed classroom decor kit from me as well.  Here' the information for my  kit

I hope that you have lots of fun creating your own space.  Your classroom is home away from home.  Make it a good home for you and the kids!

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