Friday, March 13, 2015

HEALTH LESSON - "Making Healthy Choices: Differentiated Activities"

Support student leaning with the differentiated options that are a part of this learning package! 

The differentiated activities packet contains a number of options to help your students develop their understanding of making healthy choices in their daily lives. Some of the activities are geared towards the whole class while other suggestions are tiered so students can participate in learning opportunities that meet their individual needs. 

Activities included in this packet include: 

an ABC brainstorming template
two sets of “Act It Out” cards
an anticipation guide
two exit cards--one tiered and one general
four versions of the “Healthy Choices” books
a tiered healthy choices activity including a picture sort, a word sort, and a T-chart
set of hot seat questions
two options for journal writing pages
vocabulary match cards
two web activities (one for healthy behaviors and one for unhealthy behaviors)

Suggestions are also provided to use the graffiti wall, popsicle sticks, and the thumb check strategy.

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