Sunday, March 15, 2015

STAAR Classroom Incentives and Motivation

Here in the great state of Texas STAAR Testing is just around the corner. Students have been working very hard all year to prepare for the tests. Testing week is a great time to encourage them to do their best and show all that they have learned. Let them know they are prepared and ready to tackle that test. This STAAR Classroom Incentives and Motivation Packet will have all the printables you need to encourage and motivate them. It even contains editable items.

The weeks before testing nears, students start to tire of doing test formatted materials.  We want to try to motivate them to give their best effort and continue to use all their strategies.  A student ticket incentive will help.  Students can earn tickets for the grades they make on spiraling activities, quizzes and skill assessments.  The better the grade, the more tickets they earn.  Tickets can be used for drawings or to cash in on free rewards such as eating lunch with the teacher, extra recess etc.  Or they can be used to purchase items from your classroom store.  You can attach whatever reward you want to the tickets. Strategy reward cards can be used the same way.  They are given to students that you see using their strategies consistently throughout the practice work.

Incentive Tickets

Strategy Reward Cards

Test Taking Strategy Posters and bookmarks are also included.  It is important to teach students these strategies which will help them on testing days.

Sample of Strategy Poster

Strategy Bookmarks
The Treat and Goodie Bag Cards can be attached to any snack or treat you want to give to your students.  Cookies, pretzels, and goldfish are all great snacks for testing days. You can even fill a bag with non-food goodies such as No. 2 pencils, eraser, and a small sharpener.


There are also three different testing signs for the classroom doors. This helps remind everyone in the hall that students are testing. This is an example of one of the designs.


The product also contains a Super STAAR Pennant Style Banner, teacher and student name signs and even some editable documents:

Editable PowerPoint Document:
• STAAR Teacher Name Signs (Customize the names)
• Test Taking Strategy Posters (Customize with your own strategies)

Standardized testing is a reality in many of our schools whether we agree with it or not.  These items will help motivate and encourage your students during this high stress testing season.

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