Thursday, March 12, 2015

Language Arts Lesson - "CVC - A Licence to My All CVC Resources"

By Little Achievers

The fun, engaging, and interactive CVC Word activities included in this packet are perfect for literacy center, word work, and independent practice!

This Growing Packet of CVC Word Work is discounted while I add to it!

Here's a closer look at what is included:

  • Posters
  • No-Prep Printables 
  • Write the room
  • CVC Booklets
  • CVC Puzzles
  • CVC Mats

CVC Families Included
  • Short A (-ab, -ap, -at, -ad, -ag, -am, -an)
  • Short E (-ed, -en, -et)
  • Short I (-id and -ix, -ig, -in, -ip, -it)
  • Short O (-ob, -od, -og, -op, -ot)
  • Short U [(-ub, -ut), (-ud, -um, -up), (-ug), and (-un)]
  • Short Vowel (a, e, i, o, u) CVC review

Each short vowel (CVC) packet has the following Word Work activities:
(Here I am including all of the activities of the –at family)

“-at” word family house, two full-size posters, CVC cards (find and match), I can Write the -at words, I can find the -at words, I can stamp the -at words, I can build the -at words, I can dab the -at words, I can color the -at words, I can sort the -at words, I can spin and trace the -at words, I can complete a sentence using –at words, I can draw –at pictures, I can fill in the –at words, I can find and highlight the -at words (in a sentence), I can write a story using –at words

My –at word book

All of the activities will be the same for each of the packets.

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