Friday, March 27, 2015

Science Lesson - "Weather Words Tiered Vocabulary Booklets"

Develop your students’ vocabulary skills with tiered weather words vocabulary booklets that match their learning needs!

The “Weather Words Tiered Vocabulary Booklets” package contains three different versions of the vocabulary booklet. 

The words included in the vocabulary booklets are: breeze, cloudy, drought, fog, frost, hail, lightning, rain, snow, thunder, and wind. 

Version one includes the word and the definition. Students draw a picture to match the definition. Blank templates are included so you can add additional words to the booklet.

Version two provides students with the word and definition and encourages them to write two descriptive words, draw a picture, and compose a sentence. This version has the option of using primary lines or a regular line for printing.

The final version of the vocabulary booklet is a four square. Students are provided with the word and the definition. They draw a picture to represent the word and compose two sentences using the word.

Two covers for the weather words vocabulary booklet are included in this package - one is colored and one is black and white.

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