Saturday, March 14, 2015

Writing Lesson - "Animal Report: Tiered Report Writing Templates"

Report writing can be challenging for students. Use these tiered report writing templates with your students to meet their diverse learning needs while writing about animals.

The "Animal Report Writing” package contains materials to support your students as they write an animal report.

Included in this package: 

Steps to Report Writing Posters 
A set of report writing posters is provided in both color and black and white. These posters can be made into a book or posted in the classroom to support students as they work on their reports.

Steps to Report Writing Bookmarks 
Individual bookmarks can be given to students. The bookmarks outline the seven steps of the report writing process. The bookmarks are provided in both color and in black and white.

Animal Word Bank 
A one-page list of different animals is provided to help students decide on a topic for their animal report.

Jot Note Templates 
The jot note templates are provided in a variety of different formats to support the individual needs of students. The templates can be used for finding one fact, two facts, or three facts. The templates include the following categories: appearance, habitat, life cycle, diet, predators, and interesting facts. Jot note templates are provided with support questions and without. In addition, students can use the included templates to write an “All About Me” page. The jot note templates match the included draft and final report templates. Blank jot note templates are also included if you want to customize the categories for your students. 

Draft Templates 
There are three different draft templates included in this package of materials. There are half page templates for students who are only finding one fact about each category. Full page templates are provided to students who are finding two or three facts. In addition, students who are ready to write paragraphs can use the third template. This template encourages students to write an opening sentence and a closing sentence, in addition to the factual information they gather in their jot notes. Templates are included with both primary lines and regular lines. Blank draft templates are available if you chose to customize the animal report. Choose the option that best supports the students in your class.

Report Templates 
Provide students with templates for their final report. Three different report templates are in this package. A table of contents is also provided.

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