Thursday, March 5, 2015

Technology Resources- Technology I Can Statements

Grades K-12
By Brittany Washburn
If you're a technology specialist, you're going to love all the time I've just saved you! With the push of the Common Core State Standards, classrooms are expected to put up "I Can" statements with the standards in kid-friendly language. Your administrators probably expect to see these up in specialists' classrooms too. I have several products available for K through 12 computer lab teachers. Watch the gif below for a sample of one of my products. 

I will start at the beginning. If you're responsible for teaching primary students, the K-2 set will be ideal for you. Many of the statements can be used as inspiration for activities. 

In the same format, I have a set for 3-5. 
You might be wondering how to organize these. I use a pocket chart labeled with each grade level K-5. I've printed and laminated all of the I Can Statements. I keep them in a manila envelope when they aren't in use. I choose 1 or 2 of the statements for each grade level each week (I see my students once per week). Many of the standards can be used for multiple grade levels so I didn't separate them into individual grade levels because there would have been many duplicates.

Ok now here is my favorite one (and apparently my buyer's favorite too). The BUNDLE. Great discount for buying K-5. Look below for K-6. Its a great deal too!

With the popularity of my K-5&6 bundles, I had to create sets for my Secondary people too. Here are the 6-8 and 9-12 sets. I worked hard to find clip art that wasn't as "cutesy" for these products. I created more of my own diagrams that support the higher level skills. Many of the graphics represent real world situations (like working in an office setting).

I hope that these can help you and save you loads of time. I put hundreds of hours into these sets and they've been really popular in my store. Look below to read some of my feedback.

On  November 24, 2014,  Kerry J. said:
Thank you so much for putting this together! I am a new K-5 technology teacher, and these are really going to be a big help.
On  August 5, 2014,  Karla H. said:
I LOVE THIS!!! I was stressing about my new job and just what I needed to teach the littlest kids. Thank you so much!!!
On  July 24, 2014,  Sarah H. said:
Not only are these pre-made "I Can" statements, but they are also specific activity ideas for using the general NETS standards. Thank you so much for a great resource!
On  September 2, 2014,  Jennifer R. said:
PHENOMENAL resource! Thank YOU!!!!
On  July 24, 2014,  Deborah C. said:
My principal loved these and so do I. Please keep posting more useful products for those of us that don't have the skills to do so.

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