Sunday, March 8, 2015

Speech & Language Activities- Interactive Articulation Flip Books for /s,l,r/ BLENDS

These interactive flip books are designed for SLP's, but teachers can use these as part of their phonics/reading centers as students have to begin to work on spelling "blends" in 1st/2nd grade.

Materials needed:  Card stock (preferable) & laminator pouches
Directions for assembling the flip book:
Print all pages on cardstock and laminate for durability and to use with a dry erase marker.  Cut out sheets, hole punch at the top and fasten all the pages together with binder rings. 
It covers /s,l,r/ blends at the word, phrase and picture scene level to work on the sounds in connected speech.  I love these because they keep the kids interested, easy to store and perfect for grab n' go therapy!

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