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Language Arts - Read and Write Bundle (set 4) - Close Reading

Read and Write Bundle (set 4)- SAVE 12% OFF the regular price of these 7 Read and Write Packs

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To see a preview, please view each of the products included below. All pages included in each Read and Write are shown in the thumbnail images.

This Bundle includes 
Ocean Read and Write
Fall Read and Write
PB&J Read and Write
Spaghetti and Meatballs Read and Write
Bikes Read and Write
Snowman Read and Write
Fishing Read and Write

Each Read and Write included in this Bundle is also sold separately at the links above. 

39 pages include the front and back covers for each Read and Write Pack and for the bundle. Six of the packs consist of 3 pages (1 story page and 2 fill in the blank sentence pages) totaling 18 student pages. The Fishing Read and Write as 2 extra pages including a sight word practice page and a writing page. Please click on the individual product links above to see each preview (5 pages).

This 23 page Read and Write Bundle includes Read and Writes for 7 topics including Ocean Read and Write, Fall Read and Write, PB&J Read and Write, Spaghetti Read and Write, Bikes Read and Write, Snowman Read and Write, and Fishing Read and Write. For each Read and Write, students will read the one page story about each topic and color the pictures. Then each Read and Write has two pages with five sentences on each page about the story. Each sentence has a missing word. At the end of each sentence, there are two words for students to choose from to find the correct missing word. Students will circle the word that correctly completes the sentence matching the story on the first page, and then write the correct word in the blank. 
The Fishing Read and Write as 2 extra pages including a sight word practice page and a writing page.

This is a great reading and comprehension check for guided reading, a mini lesson, a literacy center, or homework. 

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