Monday, December 7, 2015

SCIENCE LESSON - "Volcano Tabbed Booklet"

By:  The Owl Teacher
Grades 2-5 Science

 Every Kid LOVES Explosions!
So how can you safely have explosions while still teaching them?
With such large time constraints, wouldn't it be nice to 
somehow integrate both reading and science together?  
Do you wish you could assign the kids a minute to complete a center
while you just take a deep breath?


Try my science tabbed booklets - Volcano Tabbed Booklet
 This science booklet is very engaging, works like a center, all while implementing both science and reading practice skills!

It's Differentiated for your High Kiddos and Low Kiddos!
In this packet you will find a mini-book for students to assemble and explore the critical science concepts of volcanoes. It can be used to teach, reinforce, and/or challenge students, all while meeting their needs and learning styles. The reading page has been differentiated for your students with one being a higher level (HL) and the other being a lower level (LL).

What's In It?
The tabs in this booklet can be used as science stations. The first tab contains an important vocabulary activity related to the science concept of volcanoes and corresponds with the reading piece provided. The second tab asks comprehension questions related to the reading piece and requires students to support their answers with textual evidence. The third tab focuses on an investigation to deepen the understanding of volcanoes. The fourth tab asks students to draw while the fifth tab prompts students to respond to a thought-provoking journal question.

You can find this exciting Volcano Science Tabbed Booklet Here
You can see the other varieties by clicking here.

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