Friday, December 4, 2015

MATH: "Time Math Workshop Lesson Plan Unit"

The Owl Teacher
3rd Grade

Are you new to math workshop or want to implement it but just haven't figured out how yet?  Why not let me help you out with my new math workshop units!

Math workshop for telling time third grade

In this product you will find the following:
*a pretest and post test * vocabulary cards that can be used for a word wall *anchor charts *detailed and scripted mini-lessons to familiarize you with the language of math workshop *games *worksheets *anchor charts, and other printables.
Telling Time math workshop lesson plans unit for guided math

For each lesson I have provided activities for remediation and enrichment so that you can differentiate your lessons and meet the needs of all your students. Additionally some lessons provide choices as to how you would like to implement them!

This unit begins with a pretest to help you target specifically what your students need. The first lesson reviews the second grade standards of telling time to the nearest five minutes and then focuses on telling time to the nearest minute. Students will learn terminology such as half past, quarter to, quarter after, and so on. Further the unit focuses on what elapsed time is, finding elapsed time through various strategies such as using a T-Chart, the Zoom Strategies, using a number line, and using the Mountain method. Then students will practice problems solving skills to determine how to find time with missing components and using schedules. The unit wraps up with a post test.

**This unit is perfect for meeting the common core standard of 3.MD.1**

You can find my time math workshop lesson plans and complete unit in my TpT Store by clicking on this link here:
Time Math Workshop Unit
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