Friday, December 11, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Items

As the weeks before Christmas close in, it has become more and more difficult to hold our students attention. Please check out these multiple items at Gifted and Talented Materials by Joyce Lansky for the upcoming holidays.

Help your students remember their parts of speech and use their creativity with these holiday Grammar Groomers at: 

or perhaps your students need a math challenge with these Christmas word problems at:

In addition, students love logic problems and are focused when researching. This December Holiday Packet will provide great activities to keep students engaged right before the holidays.

Accountable talk is the big buzz from admin, so here's a short story to provide this at 

If you just want a cheap thrill to treat your students, here are multiple $1 logic problems for the kids. 

Finally, why not drop Santa a line with this Christmas letter writing guide.

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