Saturday, December 19, 2015

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Free Sample From: What Do You See? Exploring The Sense of Sight”

by UtahRoots
6th - 9th Grade

This is a free sample from the full product: What Do You See? Exploring The Sense of Sight

The sample is one of the five activities from the full product. It is an experiment that students conduct to experience what happens when an image falls on the 'blind spot' of the eye. 

Students will experience an optical illusion which can be discussed in class to determine whether the illusion is the result of the brain "ignoring" part of an image, or whether the brain is "filling in" what it perceives to be missing from the image. The activity includes a writing prompt for students to complete. They are asked to provide evidence to support their opinion as to whether the brain is "ignoring" or "filling in". 

I hope you enjoy this free sample, and naturally I'm hoping you like it enough to return to purchase the full product! 
What Do You See? Exploring The Sense of Sight

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