Monday, December 21, 2015

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Scientific Method - PowerPoints and Notes!”

by Maggie Files
6th - 12th Grade

The Scientific Method is a 42 slide power point presentation that is going to help you teach the Main steps of the scientific inquiry. This digital file contains 9 pages of students notes and 2 formative assessments. With this product you will be able to teach, engage and assess your secondary students. This presentation contains original clipart, animations, diagrams and concept maps.

Main concepts included: Scientific Method, Hypothesis, observation, inferences, types of observations, quantitative, qualitative, data, purpose, questions, experiment, variables, independent variables, dependent variable, control, collection of data, how to graph, types of graphs, bar graph, pie chart, line graph, conclusion, how to conduct an experiment, example of an experiment and record and organize data. 

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