Thursday, January 14, 2016

MATH LESSON - Multiplication Fact Fluency

By:  The Owl Teacher
2nd - 5th Grade

You are standing at the front of the room looking around at your students as they work.  You notice several are working very well independently, but the slower paced students are slow for a reason.  They are using their fingers as they try to determine what 6 x 4 is.  

It's happening more and more frequently.... students just aren't memorizing their multiplication facts like they use to.  I theorize it is due to the newer standards implementing the "strategy" behind it rather than the "drill and kill."  But let's be honest, there are just some things students need to memorize - and multiplication is one of them!

Do you remember "Mad Minutes?"  It was (and still is) an example of the "drill and kill" methodology.  Well, I have created something similar.

In my Multiplication Boost Product, students begin with a half sheet of paper of problems all related to the ones.  They have 2 minutes to complete the sheet- which they do!  Once students pass the 1's, the move on to a sheet with both the 1's and now the 2's - but with a few more problems.  As students progress through the levels - the ones, the twos, the threes, so on, they earn a star on my chart.  

Each level incorporates the previous levels and gets a bit longer.  Therefore students have to start speeding up to earn the star on the chart.  I have observed students typically get stuck around the 6's.  However, throw in an incentive and they start shooting up the chart again!

(at one time I called it Monster Math, but many people got it confused with a Halloween product.)

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Happy Teaching!
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