Thursday, January 7, 2016

MATH LESSON - Multiplication and Division Math Workshop Unit

By:  The Owl Teacher
3rd Grade

I love, love, love math workshop!  I think I could turn my classroom into nothing but workshop lessons- science workshop, social studies workshop!  Why not!

Since I started teaching in the workshop format for math, I've had to adjust quite a bit with my textbook.  It just didn't fit the workshop model and thus, made it difficult to teach with.  

That's when I decided I was going to start writing math workshop lesson plans that are structured like the workshop model.  Each lesson plan has a warm up activity, a mini-lesson, a try-it out (guided practice), an independent practice, and a closing.  

Each unit comes with a pretest, a post test, 15 days of lesson plans, vocabulary cards for your word wall or just review, fun hands-on activities with manipulatives, story problems, games, and much more!  Plus, I know not every class is the same - some students need to be enriched and other students need it broken down a bit more.  That's why I also included for each lesson an intervention suggestion and an enrichment idea!

This unit is on Multiplication and Division - a critical area for third grade!
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You can check out this unit here.

I promise this is one unit you will NOT regret purchasing!

Happy Teaching!

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