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Winter Themed Opinion and Persuasive Writing Prompts & Posters

By: Sparking Children’s Thinkibility   

Grades 1st -3rd Writing- Expository, Writing, Winter

Opinion and persuasive writing can be fun!
But you may need some inspiring prompts to capture your imagination and to help you find a purpose. If the writing prompts help a child find a purpose, it is easier for her to explore counter-ideas and suggestions. Understanding other people’s or animals beliefs, expectations and experiences help a child when writing and thinking about ways to include their audience’s perspective.
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A great way to introduce opinion and persuasive writing is to read books and to explore the ideas. The book may use reason as a way to support an idea. An opinion is something that someone feels or thinks about a subject. This is different from a fact that can be tested or proved. For example, “Today is Wednesday”, is a fact, while “Wednesday is the worst day of the week”, is an opinion.

Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld is a great introduction to talk about how people can look at the same thing and have different opinions and that neither is right nor wrong.

To demonstrate this, you can copy the shape from the Duck! Rabbit! book and let a couple of children or family members write what they see. You can draw a picture underneath using the shape as inspiration and then write “This is a__________!”

There are a wide range of optical illusions that you can explore together, go here to look at some optical illusions that may be suitable for kids.

The opinion and persuasion prompts will also teach your students about answering questions, forming opinions and coming up with reasons to persuade their audience.

There are reason cards that can be glued into a workbook. Glue the top of the back of the card and let the students write their ideas underneath the flap. The cards can also together with the poster serve as prompts for structuring the writing.

This package contains:
Reason Cards
Two posters with sentence starters
20 writing winter themed prompts.
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