Thursday, October 5, 2017

#worldteacherday Sale on TPT today, Oct. 5!

Search #worldteacherday to find great deals on TPT! Here are my deals!! Today only (Oct. 5)
Here are the links:
Geometry MEGA BUNDLE - 16 task card sets and 45 posters:

Multiplication MEGA Bundle (Facts 1's-12's) with Jokes (7 sets!):

Geometry MEGA BUNDLE (16 sets of task cards and 1 set of Geometry Posters!)

This is a MEGA BUNDLE of 16 colorful sets (24 task cards in each set) and 1 set of Geometry posters (45 posters)!This set is a wonderful addition to your lessons! 

I've included recording sheets and answer keys, too!


Here are the task card sets included:

✔2D shapes
✔2D Real life shapes
✔2D Memory Game
✔3D shapes
✔3D Memory Game
✔3D Real life shapes
✔I Have, Who Has Game 2D
✔I Have, Who Has Game 3D
✔Types of lines
✔Types of triangles
✔Word Problems (Great for test review)

✔Set of 45 Geometry Posters!

Multiplication MEGA Bundle (Facts 1's-12's) with Jokes (7 sets!)

This Multiplication MEGA Bundle includes Facts 1's-12's with jokes for:

1. Halloween
2. Thanksgiving
3. Christmas
4. Winter
5. Valentine's Day
6. Spring
7. Summer

This bundle is also sold separately!

Your students will LOVE this fun approach to practicing those facts!

Answer keys are included!

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