Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Behavior Clip Charts (Editable) for Classroom Management - 7 Background Choices

Behavior Clip Chart (Editable) for Classroom Management

This set contains EDITABLE behavior clip charts to change the behavior terms. There are 7 background choices to go with most classroom themes. Also, there are full and half page choices to meet your classroom needs. The “Ready To Learn” has a 2 page option. Also included are examples, award certificates (in color and black & white), award bracelets in color, parent introduction letter, parent contact form, and a behavior class tracker. A clip chart is a fantastic way to positively promote and manage student behavior in the classroom.  

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Included In This Resource (Saved in the standard resolution of 300 pixels):
✓ How I Use This Resource 
✓ Examples 
✓ Editable Parent Letter Home 
✓ Editable Chevron Behavior Clip Chart 
✓ Editable Star Behavior Clip Chart 
✓ Editable Mini Polka-Dot Behavior Clip Chart
✓ Editable Mini-Chevron Behavior Clip Chart
✓ Editable Foil Behavior Clip Chart 
✓ Editable Water Colors Behavior Clip Chart
✓ Editable Raindrop Behavior Clip Chart 
✓ Award Certificates in Color 
✓ Award Certificates in Black and White 
✓ Award Bracelets in Color 
✓ Parent Contact Form 
✓ Behavior Tracker 
✓ Parent Communication Log 
*There is a 600 pixel for the resolution available for download on Dropbox. The information is in the "How I Use This Resource" page.  

Clip art and backgrounds cannot be edited.  

Happy Teaching! 

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