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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Passive Voice Reading Comprehension Text & Questions for Grammar Acquisition”

by ESL Lifeline
5th - 8th Grade

Use reading comprehension to organically study the passive voice. This reading resource can be used to practice both reading AND listening comprehension skills while getting students to learn about how the passive voice is used. Students read a fictional news article about a middle school student named Arlo and what happens to him on his way home from school.

The article is written in the passive voice, so students can see the way it is used. There are questions that get students digging deeper for information and asks them to answer while using the passive voice. At the end of the lesson, students can do the extension activity that gets them to further practice the grammar by imagining and writing an ending.

This resource comes with a pre-planned lesson plan with answer key, so prep is kept to a minimum. Use it as an in-person classroom activity or take it online for distance learning with Google Slides®.



Ideal for 5-8 Elementary & Middle School Students | Intermediate English Language Learners | Home School


30 – 60 minutes of instruction


  • reading
  • peer warm-up activity
  • class discussions
  • comprehension questions
  • passive voice grammar questions
  • creative writing


  • 1 Cover page
  • 1 Page of Reading Comprehension (News Article)
  • 2 Pages of Resource Notes & Lesson Plan
  • 1 Page of Answers
  • 1 Gray-scaled Reading Comprehension Page
  • Print & Digital Versions (Google Slides®)


This free reading resources is featured in my extended pre-planned lesson on Passive Voice. See it here.


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