Sunday, December 26, 2021

FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “Westward Expansion Review Game”

by Love Learning
4th - 6th Grade

This free Westward Expansion Review Game is the perfect addition to your Westward Expansion Unit!

The lesson covers the following topics:

Cowboys and Miners:

1. The Gold Rush

2. Boom Towns and Ghost Towns

3. Entrepreneurs: Levi Strauss

4. Cowboy Life

5. Cattle Drives

6. Black Cowboys of Texas: Nat Love, Bose Ikard, and Bill Pickett

7. Famous Cattle Trails: Chisholm Trail and the Great Western Cattle Trail

Native American Conflicts:

1. The Lakota Tribe

2. Reservations

3. Battle of Little Bighorn

4. The Nez Perce Tribe

5. Chief Joseph

6. Wounded Knee Massacre


1. The Great Plains

2. The Homestead Act

3. Pioneer Life

4. Weather on the Great Plains

5. Sod Houses

6. Grasshopper Invasions

7. Exodusters

The Transcontinental Railroad:

1. Travel before the Railroad

2. The Pony Express

3. The Telegraph and Samuel Morse

4. Transcontinental Railroad

5. The Union Pacific

6. The Central Pacific

7. Workers and Conflicts

8. Promontory Point, Utah

This lesson (along with interactive notes, printables, and more) is INCLUDED in my Westward Expansion Unit


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