Thursday, December 16, 2021

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “First Grade Word Work with Digital Option for Distance Learning! - Free Sample”

by Fairies and Lesson Plans
1st - 2nd Grade

I'd love you to try two weeks of 1st Grade Word Work on me.

This is a description of the product. Remember you are getting a free 2 week sample only.

This product offers 30 weeks of Word Work, from Monday through Thursday each week. You can use it to teach word work lessons, as one of your literacy centers, or as homework. Each lesson has two pages that can be printed “front and back”.

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***Please note that this resource includes a Printable PDF and a digital activity created on the TpT Digital Platform. I have already added answer boxes and directions to every page to save you time!

Keep in mind that the Digital Activity is NOT a Google Drive resource, and must be used through the TpT platform. You will still be able to generate a link and assign it to your students through Google Classrooms, but you will not have access to it in your own Google Drive.***

You can learn more about how it works here.

Contact me at if you have any questions.



One of the features that makes this product unique are the short stories! They were written specifically to introduce the target words in context. That way, students have a higher transfer rate than when they learn the words in isolation!

Every week your students will:

• read a story,

• circle the words that belong to the week’s word families,

• sort the words according to their spelling pattern,

• create words applying the learned spelling pattern,

• write sentences with the target words,

• write words in alphabetical order.


Week 1 -an, -ab Word Families

Week 2 -at, -ag Word Families

Week 3 -am, -ad Word Families

Week 4 -ack, -ap Word Families

Week 5 -Short a Review

Week 6 -in, -ill Word Families

Week 7 -it, -ing Word Families

Week 8 -im, -id Word Families

Week 9 -ip, -ick Word Families

Week 10 -Short i Review

Week 11 -ed, -ell Word Families

Week 12 -est, -et Word Families

Week 13 -ob, -ot Word Families

Week 14 -op, -ock Word Families

Week 15 -Short e and short a Review

Week 16 -um, -uck Word Families

Week 17 -ug, -unk Word Families

Week 18 -un, -ump Word Families

Week 19 -Short u Review

Week 20 -ank, -ink Word Families

Week 21 -a_e, -ain Word Families

Week 22 -i_e, -ight Word Families

Week 23 -ee, -ea Word Families

Week 24 -o_e, -oa Word Families

Week 25 -Long Vowels Review

Week 26 -er, -ar Word Families

Week 27 -ir, -or Word Families

Week 28 -ook, -all Word Families

Week 29 -ow, -ew Word Families

Week 30 -ar, er, ir, -or,-ook, -all, ow, and -ew Review

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☞☞ Try two weeks of 2nd Grade Word Work on me! ☜☜

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