Wednesday, December 22, 2021

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “English Level Assessment Test (Free Trial Version)”

6th - 12th Grade

The FULL English Language Assessment Test will give you a correct picture of the English level that the students are now and where they should be be. Use the 100% ACCURATE English Language Assessment Test to save time and resources as you can craft a plan suitable for the exact level of the students!

This FREE Lite Version of the English Language Level Assessment Test contains in its 10 pages:

1. The guidelines for teachers

2. 40 questions test sample

3. Answer key

If you like this FREE Version, you can get the FULL Version of English Language Level Assessment Test!

English Language Assessment Test is the easiest way to evaluate your students and place them in 6 levels of English proficiency. This resources covers grammar and vocabulary elements for ELS, ELL, EFL, ESOL students. Perfect for assessing students in middle school, high school, higher education, adult education and homeschooling.


1. Complete guidelines

2. The full test with 120 questions and 6 placement levels

3. Student's answer sheet

4. Teacher’s assessment sheet

5. Student's report card – with future English goals and a personalized improvement plan.

6. This resource can be used with EASEL by TPT


1. Clear guidelines for easy and quick administration

2. Large variety of language problems to test the level of your student in under 40 minutes

3. Possibility to record answers neatly and correct them easily with the answer key

4. Personalized improvement plan with language learning goals


1. You will save precious time as the test is a print and go.

2. You will accurately identify the student's level.

3. You can correct the test fast and get all the answers in one place.

4. You can decide together with the student his learning path to improve his level.


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