Sunday, December 19, 2021

FREE MATH LESSON - “Angles and Angle Relationships - Self Guided Interactive Math #kilefree”

by Kile's Classroom
4th - 7th Grade

Angles and Angle Relationships

This is an amazing set of self guided lessons for students to learn and practice measuring angles and understanding angle relationships! This set is perfect for a flipped classroom, independent small groups, intervention, practice, review, or to push independent learners! The activities are engaging and fun. 5 complete lessons allow for lots of practice so students can master skills with measuring angles, naming angles, complimentary, supplementary, and vertical angles.

Lessons include links to high quality videos on YouTube, interactive practice, links to online games, and independent practice.

Check out the preview!

IMPORTANT: Some of the game links included in this resource require Flash Player to work. These activities may not work on iPads, iPods, or other Apple devices. Please see the preview and try the QR codes or links BEFORE you purchase to be sure the websites work on your device.

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Prime Factorization Math Mission.

Area and Volume Problem Trail.

Multiplying Fractions Problem Trail.


Key Words: #kilefree Flipped Classroom, Independent Practice, Angles, Vertical Angles, Supplementary Angles, Complimentary Angles, Angle Relationships

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