Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday Weekly 5 Best Under $5 - 6/7/17

Here's a quick rundown of the best 4 (plus one of my own = 5) TpT items, in no particular order, for this week. Of course, all items are under $5, as well! With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

1.) Design Your Own App: A STEAM Activity (STEM/STEAM; Made by 2LIVNLEARN; $3): Get your kids engaged in STEAM and build 21st Century Skills with this Design Your Own App Activity. Included are sheets for brainstorming an app of your own, writing a description and drawing a screenshot! Your students will love connecting their creative writing with this real life application! In this activity the sky's the limit! If students can imagine it, they can design it! 

2.) Flip-Slips - A During-Reading Activity That Can be Used For Any Novel! (Reading/ELA; 6-12; Made by A Teacher's Teacher; $3): Are you a reading, language arts, or English teacher that is getting ready to teach a novel? Perhaps you're getting ready to have students do an independent reading assignment? Whatever the case may be, I designed Flip Slips to work with any type of novel. The concept is simple - students have during-reading prompts that help engage them withe assigned reading as well as a section for new vocabulary that they encounter while reading the assignment. One "slip," consisting of the prompt and one vocabulary word, is short and simple. It provides a level of accountability for students to do their reading, while also encouraging students by not being overloaded with 5-10 questions for each chapter.

3.) Summer Integers Math Riddles Bundle (Math; 5-8; Made by Snyder Classroom; $4): Need a fun way to practice Integers this Summer? Get all of my Summer Integer riddles in one purchase! Engage your students with these Summer Integer math riddles worksheets! I began creating math riddles to make math more fun in my own classroom. 

4.) Focus Wall: Monsters (All Subjects; K-5; Made by The Best Days; $2): This Print and Go Focus Wall is everything you need to organize your standards in one location. It includes large labels for subject areas and subheadings such as "Essential Question" and "Target Skills." I encourage you to check out the product details for even more information.

5.) Macbeth Plot Rap (ELA; 6-12; Made by Raps for English Language Arts; $2): A (very) detailed plot rap for Shakespeare's Macbeth. Covers plot and includes key quotations. Lyrics included as a Word document and on the video.

Well, that's a wrap for this week! Feel free to share any comments you have below, or contact me via TpT or Twitter!

-A Teacher's Teacher

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