Tuesday, June 6, 2017

FREE MATH LESSON - “Integer Vocabulary Digital Interactive Boom Cards”

by Simone
6th - 7th Grade

Boom Cards™ play on any digital device with an internet connection, zero prep, no printing, no cutting, no laminating, and self grading. Hosted by Boom Learning℠. 

---One deck with 20 cards compatible with the Boom Learning℠ System. This is an internet based activity. 

The target grade level is 6th grade. 
Click here for a playable preview

Words included in this deck: 
absolute value, credit /debit, debt, increase/ decrease, elevation, inequality, integers, whole numbers, negative /positive, deposit/withdraw, opposites, par, sea level.

The following symbols are also included:
<, >, | |


Correlated to Go Math 6th Grade 
-- Middle School Version: Module 1
-- K-6 Version: Chapter 3: lesson 3.1, 3.5, 

Common Core Standards 
Understand that positive and negative numbers are used together to describe quantities having opposite directions or values (e.g., temperature above/below zero, elevation above/below sea level, credits/debits, positive/negative electric charge); use positive and negative numbers to represent quantities in real-world contexts, explaining the meaning of 0 in each situation.


Compatible Devices: 
Boom Cards™ play on any device with a modern internet browser (released in the last three years). Boom Cards apps are also available. Not sure your browser is modern enough? Try a free Boom Cards deck first.

TPT and Boom Learning: 
You will download a PDF with a link to activate the Boom Cards. Students will access the cards on the Boom Learning website. When you redeem your purchase, Boom Learning opens an account for you if you do not already have one.

Saving Student Data: 
For TpT customers new to Boom Cards, Boom Learning will give you, for one year, a free account that lets you track student progress for up to 80 students. At the end of that year, you may renew or choose not to renew. If you do not renew, you will be able to continue using Boom Cards with the Fast Play feature. Fast Play does not track individual progress."


Contact me with any questions: Simonesmath@gmail.com

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