Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shakespeare Quote Quizzes for 7 Different Plays - Just $11

With all the recent talk about Shakespearean texts and comparisons made to current political situations (primarily references to the characters of King Lear and Julius Caesar), I thought it was particularly appropriate to post this multi-bundle of quote quizzes for Shakespearean plays (including the two plays mentioned earlier, as well as five others).

This bundle is a great value as it includes 9 great quote quizzes (a $27.00 value, if purchased individually), for one affordable price! The bundle includes quizzes from Hamlet (Acts 1-3), Macbeth (Acts 1&2), Romeo and Juliet (Acts 1&2), The Taming of the Shrew (Acts 1-3), King Lear (Acts 1-3), two quizzes for Much Ado About Nothing (Acts 1&2 and Acts 3-5), and two quizzes from Julius Caesar (Acts 1-3 and Acts 4&5). A full listing of files included (directly from each item's individual listing) is provided on the product page.

I have made the decision to make this item, for it's current price, a continuously-added item. This means that as I teach more Shakespearean plays in my classroom, and more quote quizzes are developed, I will add the quizzes for those plays to this item. You, then, will receive a notice that this item has been updated and you'll be able to download, free of charge, the newest edition of this bundle. This is a great idea if you currently teach some of the plays in the bundle, but also might end up teaching other plays in the future. This has just been updated with a quote quiz for King Lear (Acts 1-3), and I currently have a quote quiz for The Tempest which I have used in my class but still have to finalize and list for TpT. That quiz, along with future quizzes next year that I will be using (Othello, A Midsummer Night's Dream, maybe 1 more) will be added to my store, as well as being added to this bundle as an update. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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