Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Novel Study

One of my very favorite books to read with my students is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Every year that I read it, I discover new concepts or ideas of how to apply the novel to the Common Core language arts standards. Typically my class does the novel study in December since that month is synonymous with winter (although I am in California so we need to really imagine the snow part), but last year we moved the novel study towards the end of the year.

I designed a novel study in which I was able to tie almost every reading literature standard plus a few writing, language, and speaking and listening standards. Since it our novel study was towards the end of the year, it was a great way to review. Great for 4th, 5th, or 6th grades!

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This 175+ novel study includes comprehension and discussion questions for every chapter, a common core aligned activity for each chapter, vocabulary word wall poster for every suggested vocabulary word, 4 quizzes, and table talk instruction and recording sheets for students.  Answer key included for all questions and activities.

RL.4 - Figurative language
RL.3 Compare & Contrast Characters
RL.6 - Point of View

Aligned to common core standards:
Reading literature, writing, and language – RL.4.1, RL.4.2, RL.4.3, RL.4.4, RL.4.5, RL.4.6, RL.4.7, L.4.4, W.4.1, W.4.3, RL.5.1, RL.5.2, RL.5.3, RL.5.4, RL.5.5, RL.5.6, RL.5.7, L.5.4, W.5.1, W.5.3, RL.6.1, RL.6.2, RL.6.3, RL.6.4, RL.6.5, RL.5.6, L.6.4, W.6.1, W.6.3Speaking and Listening – SL.4.1a-d, SL.5.1a-d, SL.6.1a-d

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Created by: Hennessey's Homeroom

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