Saturday, August 29, 2015

FREE MATH LESSON - "Place Value Review: Digital Math Stations"

by Teaching Redefined
Grades 3-5

Are you trying to incorporate more technology in your classroom? This product will help your math stations go digital!
This FREE sample of my digital math stations includes:
  • Link to an instructional video
  • 2 station activities
  • Link to a blendspace with digital instructions for students

This product is a great way to introduce your students to math workshop by reviewing place value. The activities cover:
  • Place value names to the hundred thousands place
  • Standard form & word form for 6-digit numbers
I   The best part about digital math stations, is you're free to work with small groups. Check out my guided math lesson plans to help all your students learn. 

For my ideas on integrating technology, be sure to check out my blog:

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