Sunday, August 9, 2015

Assessing Numerals to 20 in a Developmentally Appropriate Manner

Back to School Math Centers (Numerals to 20) offer fun math activities for your little learners that also provide opportunity for fine motor development.  This resource can also be used an informal assessment for numerals to 20.  Learners are involved in an activity that is fun.  Instead of experiencing the usual nervousness associated with assessment, they are enjoying a developmentally appropriate activity.

Tally Marks

Number Words

Counting Sets to 20

Missing Numerals


Ten Frames 


As your little learners are doing these activities, walk around the room observing.  Make notes about their progress on paper or electronic device of your choice.    A quick and easy way to document their progress is by making photos with the digital camera.  They love to pose with their work.  You now have a photo to include in their portfolio that documents their performance.  This resource can be used as pre-assessment, ongoing assessment, or post-assessment.

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