Monday, August 17, 2015

Daily quotations for the inspirational classroom.

Need even more inspiration for your classroom? Read this blog on how daily quotations led to student motivation. 

Last year I decided to make a special daily quotation board after finding the value of inspirational quotations in my own life. I was surprised how much the students loved this idea. Every day I would write up a quotation from Socrates to Einstein and use it as a starting point for the day. Often during the middle of a lesson, pupils would say to me "That quotation really made me think" or they would smile at the board and nod their head. 

Adolescence can be such a turbulent time for pupils and the comfort from these words of wisdom through the ages can go a long way. The nature of the quotations also encourages the type of deep thinking we want for our pupils because of the way in which they can be open to interpretation. Alongside this, the quotations can provoke discuss about the people who created the quotation and their world-view, great for encouraging diversity. 

Soon enough, pupils were wanting to write up quotations that they had heard and it became something the students owned for themselves. 

I was inspired by my experience to create an advent calendar style Daily Quotation calendar for each day of the 2015-16 academic year. When a window is clicked, a quotation is revealed and the inspiration can begin. I have attached a link to a free calendar for September and a calendar for 2015-16. 
I hope it inspires many more classrooms across the world.

Free September Calendar

Complete 11 Month calendar for 2015/16

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