Friday, May 8, 2015

Language Arts - "Rhyming Word Fun Lists"

by Readable Creations
Kindergarten - 4th Grade

As well as Mother's Day, these rhyming worksheets cover a range of themes.

This resource contains 19 themed black & white pages:
House of Rhyme                      Winter Rhyme
Farm Rhyme                            Spring Rhyme
Zoo Animals Rhyme               Rhyme Beach (Summer)
Circus Rhyme                          Fall Rhyme
Sea of Rhyme                          Autumn Rhyme
Birthday Rhyme
New Year's Rhyme
Valentine's Day Rhyme
Saint Patrick's Day Rhyme
Easter Rhyme (U.S.)
Easter Rhyme (AU)
Mother's Day Rhyme (U.S.)
Mother's Day Rhyme (AU)
Father's Day Rhyme
Halloween Rhyme
Thanksgiving Rhyme
Christmas Rhyme
+ Christmas Rhyme (in color)

Including Australian theme versions, this resource is suitable for U.S., Australian, and British English teachers.

Knowledge Base-
Phonics concepts which can be reinforced with each worksheet:
short vowel sounds, long vowel sounds, consonant sounds, digraphs, blends, silent letters, syllables, onsets/rimes (word families), rhyming awareness

The spelling of rhyming words is not constant as in word families:
rhyming words - might, white, height
word families - might, light, right

Good rhymers make good readers! Rhyming is fun and educational.

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