Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Place Value

Grade: 1, 2, & Homeschool

Place Value 

Posters, Math center activities, Worksheets, and Assessment

Everything that you need to teach Place Value to your little learners.

**This packet focuses on 2-digit numbers.**

Inside the pack:
1. Poster
2. Place Value Centers/Activities
  • Beans & Jar: Match the base ten blocks to the expanded form of the number. 
  • Flash Cards: Match-up cards.
  • Base Ten Block Cards: Count the amount of base ten blocks.
  • Mystery Number Cards: Solve the mystery numbers.
  • Place Value Flowers: Build a flower and show five ways to represent a number (4 petals and a seed).
  • Beans in the jar: Find and match all different ways to represent a number.
  • Cone and Scoops: Build an ice-cream and show different ways to represent a number
  • Value of a digit in a number: Sort the card into tens place and ones place mats
3. Place Value of the Number booklet
4. Printables: 40 worksheets
5. Assessment: 2-page postassessment printables (I have included 2 sets for this -- same format but different numbers.)

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  1. Looks cute. Good luck with sales.