Thursday, October 10, 2019

Math Stations for Elementary Grades

 Elementary Grades Math Stations Starter Set

Ever wanted to start using Math Stations in your Elementary Grade Classroom but not know where to begin?

Here are a few suggestions on ways you can use this resource to help run Math Stations in your classroom.  Use data such as exit tickets and quizzes to help you form groups by ability levels, and change your groups often!  This will help you better meet individual student needs and differentiate the Work with Teacher station for each group. 
Practice Math- I generally use this station to allow students to immediately practice what was in the day’s math lesson.  I try to keep my lessons short and then give time for practicing the skill.  You can use math books, assessments, projects, worksheets, task cards or other resources for this station.  You can find lots of task cards at my TpT store for grades K-6th here.
Write about Math- this station allows students time to reflex on a particular math concept or lesson.  If you need a resource for math journal prompts, this product is great for grades 3rd- 5th!
Play Math Games- This station may seem unnecessary, but children learn through play!  There are tons of great websites that kids can have fun on while still practicing math!  If you are unfamiliar with it, give Prodigy a try!  This station can also be used to play hands on games that reinforce specific math skills.  You can find many math game resources on my TpT page here.

Elementary Grades Math Stations Starter Set                    
This set is printer-friendly, just print to the size you need to fit your space, laminate and hang in your classroom!  Feel free to add to or eliminate stations in this resource.  You many only have time for 3 stations, so take one out!  Perhaps you can only meet with 2 groups per day- just continue the rotation/ round the next day!  Most importantly, however you use math stations, make sure that your students (at any grade level) have time to practice their transitions!  I spend at least a week just practicing getting into their groups and gathering materials- trust me it’s worth it!
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